Benefits of using diesel fuel additives

Petrol and diesel are two of the most used fuel products in the world. Each one has its certain properties and limitations that help an engine to move. Gasoline or petrol, which is more volatile and has a higher calorific value, is used in SI engines, whereas diesel, lower in calorific value and a less volatile fuel, is used in CI engines. Since the compression ratio of CI engine is on the higher side in comparison with SI engine (6-10), a high temperature source for ignition of fuel is required in SI engines. Thus, a spark plug is required in SI engine to produce electric sparks to ignite the air-fuel mixture. However, such spark plugs are not required in CI engines since compression ratio is higher. It just needs a better quality fuel, i.e. diesel, to inject through the fuel injectors in compressed air in the combustion chamber, to create sufficient power to drive the engine.


Fuel injection system in diesel engines is at the core of its functioning. However, poor quality diesel can develop problems for the system. Fuel of substandard quality has the general tendency of wearing the components down, causing stickiness in valves and clogs the filters. So, additives were introduced to minimize those issues to a certain extent. The premium diesel fuel additives can tackle almost every problem, related to fuel quality. The additives are made out of blend of oils and free from any solvents. They are formulated mainly to increase the fuel mileage and power, but also, they mitigate emissions by allowing better combustion. The unique blend also utilizes a high detergent action which improves engine efficiency. Additives also play a major role in lubrication and cleaning the fuel systems and burns off excess exhaust emission and helping out in the lifetime increasing rate of the injectors.

The lubrication property of additives ensures lesser friction in between parts. It also upgrades the fuel quality by minimizing sludge’s and fuel tank contaminants. It eliminates deposits on fuel tank plugging to enhance power and fuel economy with cetane improvers. Higher cetane rating of diesel controls knocking as well. It also eliminates water from fuel and offer hot and cold weather protection to the engine.

Power service diesel kleen and cleanboost maxx super concentrate fuel supplement are just the right additives which may serve the purpose effectively.

Benefits of using premium circular saws

Circular saws are basically power saws which use toothed blades that use rotatory motion and spin around an arbor in order to cut-through different materials. The various materials that can be cut using these saws include wood, plastic, metal, masonry. Circular saws maybe of hand-held type, table saw type or chop saw type. The blades are made in accordance with the material the machine is intended to cut. For cutting wood, these saws are specifically designed for rip-cutting or cross cutting or a combination of both the types. Circular saws are mostly used for wood cutting. The circular saws are usually powered by electricity; however, machines that use a gasoline engine or hydraulic motor are also available. The gasoline engine or hydraulic motor allows the machines to be fastened to very heavy equipment, without having the need of a separate source of energy. There are varied benefits of using premium circular saws.


Most corded premium circular saws have 714 inches blades with a 24-tooth, where these blades spin at about 5800 rate per minute. This means that the teeth are at a speed of about 125 metres per hour when they hit the wood surface and hence, can make as many as 1,39,200 bites every minute. Bottom line; these are one of the fastest wood working machines which is also portable and very useful. Chain saws maybe faster, but they are sloppier machines in comparison to circular saws.

Types and kinds

Several types are kinds of circular saw models are designed by the power tool makers. To a novice, all the tools might look similar, however each of the types stand out in terms of designs and features.

Few machines allow easy adjustment, some have great blade-visibility, some have blade brakes and some are also specialized with laser guides. The good quality saws have bases that are accurately aligned, kerf indicators and most importantly, run very smoothly, without any hassles.

One kind of saw known as the side winder has motor protruding from the side of the blade and transmission with spur gear. The kind of saws known as heavier worm drive are mostly favoured by carpenters, however, the side winders also have an edge of popularity owing to the fact that they are not only lighter and easier to handle but also cheaper. Circular saws include the kerf- indicator notches to make blade and cutline alignment easier. In order to cut straight, the blade should simply meet the line.

Hence, the benefits of using premium circular saws are:

• They are lighter and easier to use. There are certain efficient yet cheap machines available.

• They are portable machines.

• Accurate cuts are made possible using these circular saw machines.

• Although mainly designed for wood cutting, they are also used for cutting various other materials like metals and plastics.

• These machines run smoothly and seamlessly without any hassles. A wide range of premium circular saws are manufactured to meet the various demands of the workers.